Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you sell?

We sell parfum strength fragrances based on your favourite luxury and designer brands.

What’s the oil percentage?

Our 'inspired by' designer fragrances are Eau De Parfum quality and produced at 25% oil concentration level, which is 5% higher than the 20% concentration level required to qualify as an EDP.

Where is your company based?

Based Fragrance is born and bred in Leeds, UK.

Where are your products produced?

Our products are produced at a UK based facility.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, our international friends. But soon... Sign up to our newsletter to find out when.

How identical are your fragrances to the real ones?

Your beak won’t be able to tell the difference.

How long does it last? 

Our fragrances are produced at a very competitive concentration level, so rest assured that they are the longest lasting dupe fragrances on the market.