About Based Fragrance

Our Promise

We want to make buying and wearing good quality Eau de Parfum fragrance much easier and much more accessible to men. Smelling good has an incredible way of making you feel good too, and we think that's something that's something that should be something that everyone can afford to access. What comes first is good quality fragrance, and what comes next is a world that you have the freedom to explore.

Whether you're looking for a woody masculine fragrance, or something a little fruitier, we want to ensure you can find it at BASED Fragrance.

As with every BASED Fragrance, here are a few things we promise:

  • Quality comes first: At BASED we make sure that good quality in all of its guises come first. We want to make sure we are providing the best fragrance that your ‘hard-earned’ can buy, packaged and presented in a way that feels like a product twice the price.

  • Formulated to last: Most designer-inspired fragrance brands fall short of the ‘fragrances that last all day’ claims they make. These are over-hyped sales tactics because they’ve got nowt else to say. Our fragrances are formulated with a 25% parfum oil concentration even though a 20% concentration qualifies as Eau de Parfum.

  • Refined affordability: we’re not the cheapest fragrance you can buy and we don’t want to be. Good quality, nice design, and class has been a priceless combination for too long. We’re going to put a price on it and make sure that it’s affordable.

  • Every day smells good: smelling good feels good. So we want to make sure you can purchase fragrances that allow you to do that every single damn day because you feeling good about it makes us feel good about it. Simple innit.

About Our Fragrances

Our fragrances are formulated in the UK by professional perfumers under the highest standard laboratory conditions. Each fragrance has a concentration that is equal to the Extract de Parfum quality of each fragrant.Our amber glass bottles increase the shelf life and maintain the potency of our fragrances. Like our glass bottles, our packaging is entirely recyclable and plastic free.