Touching Base: A Tom Ford Oud Wood Deep Dive

Touching Base: A Tom Ford Oud Wood Deep Dive

Introduction To Tom Ford Oud Wood

It’s time to talk about Tom Ford Oud Wood, an iconic oud based fragrance crafted by perfumer Richard Herpin in 2007. Its blend of wood and spice notes has seen this luxury Eau de Parfum become a staple in the scent collection of affluent types seeking a fragrance that goes extremely hard. Let's touch base and unravel the secrets of this woody madness.

Tom Ford Oud Wood: The Background

Tom Ford Oud Wood combines oud wood (no surprises there) with rich and spicy undertones that result in a perfume that some say smells reminiscent to a sacred temple filled with incense. Whether you get that or not is up to you, we’ve never been to a sacred temple to confirm it. What can’t be denied is that Tom Ford Oud Wood is a fragrance that is a fine example of boldness, refinement, and maturity. While some lord it for being versatile, at BASED Fragrance we think it’s an Eau de Parfum that suits a certain type of person. That type of person will have to want to display strong, warm, and natural tones that are full of mysteriousness. We think it is a great choice for those who want to make a statement fuelled by a deep and unrelenting scent.

What is Oud?

Oud, also known as agarwood, or ‘Wood of Gods’ is a very fragrant dark resinous wood that forms in certain species of Aquilaria trees when they become infected with a specific type of mold. It's highly prized in perfumery for its unique and complex aroma, which is often described as woody, balsamic, and slightly sweet. Oud has been used for centuries in traditional Middle Eastern perfumery and has now become a popular worldwide in luxury fragrances.

Making Oud A Trend

Oud Wood by Tom Ford has played a leading role in the ongoing trend of oud fragrance and perfumes worldwide. Oud is known for its intense and captivating aroma, adding depth and complexity to perfumes, with smelling notes of leather, saffron, and smokiness. The rising demand for oud-based fragrances can be attributed in no small part to the mammoth success of Tom Ford Oud Wood, which has cemented oud as a massive player in the current fragrance zeitgeist.

Why is Oud So Expensive?

Oud commands a high price due to the intricate process involved in its extraction. It is first formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees after they become infected with a type a parasitic mold, nice. This mold makes the tree secrete a resin to combat the mold, make the heartwood incredibly dark and dense. This essence, extracted through meticulous stripping and distillation of infected wood, yields the prized oud oil.

Patience is essential and time is money, a genuine Agar tree must mature for at least 25 years to bear the oud legacy. Intriguingly, only when afflicted does the tree emit the sought-after scent. A healthy, young Aquilaria won’t is largely lacking in any scent at all; it’s only the infection that metamorphoses it into an oud’s fragrance factory, hence justifying its high value.

How do you pronounce Oud?

So how do you say Oud? Let’s not mess about. Just say the word food, without an ‘f’! To come across more discerning and intense you can elongate the word.

What Does Tom Ford Oud Wood Smell Like?

Tom Ford Oud Wood unveils complex layers of perfume. From exotic spices and oud in the top notes to the warmth of amber and vetiver in the middle, each note adds depth and character to the fragrance. The rich base notes of tonka bean and vanilla linger on the skin, leaving a captivating trail that lingers throughout the day.


Top Notes: Exotic Spices and Woods

A luxuriously warm opening composed of oud (agarwood) and vanilla that meet with spices such as cardamom and Sichuan pepper blended together with Brazilian rosewood. After about twenty minutes when the initial top notes begin to recede, the distinct middle tones start making presence known.

Middle Notes: Sensual Amber and Vetiver

In the mid notes, Tom Ford Oud Wood reveals captivating appearances of sandalwood, vetiver and a warming blend of amber with further hints of its namesake oud wood.

Base Notes: Rich Oud, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla

The wood-inspired Tom Ford fragrance finishes off with a combination of base notes – Agarwood (Oud), Vanilla, and Tonka Bean. Oud’s rich smoky scent is complemented by the sweet nutty aroma from the tonka bean and then enhanced with subtle floral nuances that come from adding vanilla for a lasting smooth Eau de Parfum.

How Long Does Tom Ford Oud Wood Last?

Tom Ford Oud Wood is renowned for its long-lasting performance, with a duration of 7-8 hours on the skin. Like all fragrances it will last on the fibres of your clothes for much much long. Eau de Parfum strength fragrances can be smelt on clothes for up to two weeks after spraying them.

When To Wear Tom Ford Oud Wood

While Tom Ford Oud Wood can be worn in any season we feel it has a warming sensation that makes it very complimentary to a cold UK winter. We love to rock it day-in day-out during those months at the back end of the year as the depth of the wood and spice just feel so complimentary to that part of the calendar. That being said, whether it's a formal event in December or a casual do in June, it will always get people talking about the fragrance you’re wearing and the guys at BASED would always encourage you to wear what feels good no matter the season. With its adaptability and timeless appeal, Tom Ford Oud Wood could be a staple in every man's fragrance collection if it wasn’t for a price tag that keeps most wallets firmly shut. For those affluent enough to afford it, it is the perfect wing man to romantic encounters or formal affairs where you want to smell like an absolute god of the forest.

About The Packaging

That bottle though. Tom Ford call it the flacon, but that’s a word you use when you’re trying to justify a price tag. That being said, it is an exquisite bottle that has become a calling card of the Tom Ford collection. Some say it was inspired by an iconic chess piece, but what is certainly true is that its unmistakeable and sleek design upholds the brand's commitment to elegance and sophistication. Its curves and contours paired with its grey hue make it a piece that would earn pride of place on any dressing table.

The Best Alternative To Tom Ford Oud Wood

We can’t lie. It’s got to be OW - Based on Oud Wood. We have pulled out all the stops to capture the unique essence of the original fragrance, while making a quality Eau de Parfum that you can afford to wear everyday. A 100ml bottle of OW - Based on Oud Wood comes in at £34.95, making it a much more affordable alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Tom Ford perfume is best for men?
    Tom Ford Oud Wood stands out as a top choice for men, its blend of woody and spicy notes suggest a certain masculinity that is earthy, enigmatic, and timeless.

  • How much is Tom Ford Oud Wood?
    A 100ml bottle of Tom Ford Oud Wood has an RRP of £294.00 but can be found online from £220.00 depending on the retailer. A 50ml bottle has an RRP of £210.00 but can be found for £120.00 online. Alternatively, a 100ml bottle of OW - Based on Oud Wood by BASED Fragrance comes in at an affordable £34.00.

  • Is Tom Ford Oud Wood suitable for everyday wear?
    Absolutely! The only rule is wear what makes you feel good. Tom Ford Oud Wood is versatile enough to be worn daily, whether you're heading to the office or meeting friends for a beer. Sure it can be sophisticated, but it just smells damn good.

  • How does Tom Ford Oud Wood compare to other oud fragrances?
    When it comes to the brand name Tom Ford Oud Wood is in a league of its own. Competing with such a highly regarded fashion icon on brand alone is a pretty one sided fight. However, there are many other oud fragrances out there, just maybe no other that is quite as iconic.

In Conclusion

Tom Ford Oud Wood is more than just fragrance—it's the brand and lifestyle associated with it. It’s an incredible fragrance with an incredible story. But maybe you’re not ready, willing or able to shell out nearly £300 on how you smell, and that’s fine because we’re not either. But what you can do is check out our excellent alternative to Tom Ford Oud Wood that you can find here.

Do you want to see if OW - Based on Oud Wood is for you? Why not try one of our pocketable and travel friendly 5ml samples bottles here.

Read more about OW - Based on Oud Wood here.

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